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The-Mentor is a system that employs a fully automatic approach to generate multiple-choice tests.

  • In a first offline step, a set of lexico-syntactic patterns are bootstrapped by using several question/answer seed pairs and leveraging the redundancy of the Web.
  • Afterwards, in an online step, the patterns are used to select sentences in a text document from which answers can be extracted and the respective questions built.
  • In the end, several filters are applied to discard low quality items and distractors are named entities that comply with the question category, extracted from the same text.

Further details about The-Mentor can be found in the paper Bootstrapping Multiple-Choice Tests with The-MENTOR [7]. The evaluation of The-Mentor was made using a set of 139 natural language questions and their respective correct answers. This resource can be found here.

In a diferent evaluation of The-Mentor (version 0.1), we have achieved the following results: and